Guru Purnima Celebrations across NCR (July 16, 2019)

“An even more potent influence than one’s karma is the help and blessing of a God-knowing guru. Through reverent observance of the guidance of a master, one can free himself from all embedded compulsions of past karma.” - Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

The sacred day of Guru Purnima offers a joyous occasion for devotees to appreciate the priceless gift of being drawn to one who can lift us from human to divine consciousness. The special day was commemorated by long meditations, satsanga, and other commemorative activities.

Long Meditations

On Sunday, July 14, several devotees joined for a six hours commemorative meditation at Noida Ashram and Delhi and Gurugram Kendras.

NCR Programme at YSS Noida Ashram

On Guru Purnima, July 16, a day-long programme conducted at Noida Ashram drew hundreds of devotees.

The day began with prabhat feri. An ornately-decorated palanquin with Gurudeva Paramahansa Yoganandaji’s picture was carried by sannyasis and devotees around the ashram grounds. Everyone was filled with devotion as the kirtans were sung. After the prabhat feri ended at the porch of the main building, devotees offered pushpanjali and then proceeded for morning group meditation.

An overcast sky couldn’t deter fourteen hundred people from partaking of prasad during the afternoon Narayan Seva. For two hours, a continuous flow of visitors — mostly from the underprivileged section of the neighbourhood — were lovingly served by YSS sannyasis and devotees at a pandal outside the ashram’s main gate.  

Over a thousand devotees, some travelling long distances came to attend the evening programme held at the ashram auditorium. Swami Vasudevananda began the programme with chanting and group meditation followed by a talk. In his talk, Swamiji dwelt on the special relationship that is shared between the Guru and the disciple. Sharing anecdotes and inspiring stories from the scriptures, he laid emphasis on the practice of Guru-given sadhana to deliver us from the world of delusion. Swamiji reminded us of a stanza from Guruji’s Whispers from Eternity: “O my Guru! If all the gods are wroth, and yet thou art satisfied with me, I am safe in the fortress of thy pleasure. And if all the gods protect me by the parapets of their blessings, and yet I receive not thy benediction, I am an orphan, left to pine spiritually in the ruins of thy displeasure.” Repeating the promise of Mahavatar Babaji to guard and guide all sincere students, Swamiji encouraged devotees to dive wholeheartedly in the practice of YSS meditation techniques.The programme was concluded with aarti, following which devotees offered pushpanjali. All the attendees were offered prasad at the Guru Langar.

Celebrations at Delhi and Gurugram Kendras

On July 16, Guru Purnima day was  celebrated at YSS Gurugram and Delhi Kendras with Prabhat Feri followed by group meditation in the morning, and a Guru Purnima special meditation and pushpanjali in the evening. Cosmic Chants and bhajans were sung by devotees with deep devotion at both the places.

On Saturday, July 20, the general public and underprivileged section from the neighbourhood were served prasad during Narayan Seva conducted at YSS Delhi Kendra. The following day, July 21, the programme began with a group meditation conducted by Brahmachari Vinayananda, followed by a talk by Brahmachari Alokananda on “Guru — The Redeemer.”He reminded devotees of the importance of loyalty, obedience, and complete surrender to the Guru. He shared anecdotes from Guruji’s life and a few stories of the great masters to reiterate this message. The programme concluded with arati and pushpanjali, followed by serving of Guru Langar.

Similar programmes were also conducted at YSS Gurugram Kendra, where food packets were distributed to the underprivileged sections from the neighbourhood on July 20, and commemorative group meditation and Pushpanjali was held on July 21. The programme was followed by Guru Langar. Many devotees joyously participated in these functions.

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