Children Sunday Satsanga at Dhyana Kendra, Delhi

   I'm very happy and feel blessed that my son is getting an opportunity to attend Sunday Satsanga. I'm a lesson subscriber since 2009 but was unable to attend group meditation wondering who will take care of my child while I'm meditating. Being a single parent, I used to worry how to teach my son moral values and introduce him to Guruji. But when I learned about Children Satsanga, all my anxiety vanished. For the last 3 years, my son & I have been regularly attending Sunday Satsanga and both of us have been blessed.  


Here children get the opportunity to learn about God and Gurus through various activities such as art & craft, story-telling, chanting, energization exercises, meditation, celebrating Christmas with underprivileged children, picnic, etc. They also get a chance to visit Yogoda ashrams at Ranchi, Dwarahat & Dakshineshwar.


     I'm thankful to Delhi Kendra and all volunteers of Children Satsanga for the blessed and wonderful experience. In summary, all I can say is that there is overall personality and skill development of children. Special thanks to Sunaina Ji for coordinating various activities.