Christmas 2017 Celebrations by Children Satsanga

Christmas 2017 Celebrations by Children Satsanga (NCR, 2017)


The birth of Jesus Christ was commemorated with special celebrations at YSS Noida Ashram and YSS Delhi Kendra. This programme held on December 25, 2017 drew participation from over 130 children with 80 parents in attendance.

Brahmachari Vinayanandaji lit the lamp to commence the programme. The opening prayer was conducted by a volunteer and then there was chanting by the large gathering of children. The volunteers gave a brief and interesting introduction about the significance of the day to the children. What followed was an enthralling colourful cultural programme performed by the children of Children Sunday Satsanga of YSS Noida Ashram and Paramhansa Yogananda Swarna Bal Vatika (PYSBV).  

Various kids made their devotional offerings to Christ and our line of spiritual masters through devotional songs and prayers. A devotional prayer – “Prabhu, hum sabho ki vimal buddhi hove” was sung by a group of children followed by carols. Children of PYSBV enacted a skit on ‘The meaning of 12 signs of Christmas Tree’ explaining the essence of decorative items which are traditionally hung on the branches of a Christmas tree. Another skit on ‘God loves simplicity’ was performed by a group of children from YSS Noida Ashram’s Children Satsanga.

Jivan Tumne Diya hai Sambhaloge tum’ was the song to which little ones performed a dance demonstrating faith and love for God. Other children also sang beautiful bhajans in the programme.

Towards the close of the programme, Brahmachariji inspired the attendees with a message to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ comprising love, compassion, faith and forgiveness.

But, what is a children’s celebration of Christmas without the Santa? Guruji‘s little ones were not deprived of the social festivities of Christmas after the spiritual message of the programme, as a volunteer dressed up as Santa Claus, fully armed with goodies for them made the special appearance. Spreading cheer, and also candies, from his bag, the ‘Santa Claus’ ensured an apt close to the wonderful programme as they sang the Christmas carol ‘Jingle bells.’

After the closing prayer, and pushpanjali at the feet of beloved Jesus Christ, Brahmacharis Dhiaryanandaji and Vinyanandaji distributed gifts and cakes among the children.

The programme was a blend of spiritual entertainment and inspiration for the young devotees of Gurudeva, Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda. 


The tiny tots of the Children Satsanga were all excited to showcase their dance, choir and skit performances - all prepared for this special occasion. The programme was hosted by as well as carried out by the children themselves. 

The children were especially tutored by devotee volunteer Ms. Radhika Swamy for the choir, which they sang beautifully.

The skit carried a beautiful message of saying how each one is a Santa and its not just gifts that we should try to get but rather it’s the gifts to the world that we should try to give away.

These skits for Children Satsanga are carefully prepared so that the teachings of Gurudeva are etched in the young minds forever. Amidst all this, 'Santa' slid in with his jingle bells.

The kids shouted with happiness and glee as this 'Santa' emerged and showered toffees. 

How each one wished that this day of fun and happiness would not end but then even good things need to be wrapped up. It was time for pushpanjali.

The usherers briskly channeled the devotees to pay their love and respect to the ever-loving Christ.

It was a beautiful Christmas evoking Christ-consciousness among the devotees.