YSS NCR Charitable Activities – 2017-18

YSS Noida Ashram, Delhi Kendra and Gurgaon Kendra have been engaged in various charitable activities and relief work over the last few years.

Offering educational support and medical care without any cost, the Noida Ashram runs a Free Coaching Centre and a Free Dispensary in its premises for the last few years. Hundreds of patients and young students from the nearby slum areas and Khoda village utilise the services of these charitable centres being run with the aid of volunteers – qualified and experienced doctors and teachers.

YSS Delhi Kendra, too, has been engaged in varied charitable activities and relief work over the last few decades. Annual blood donation camps, medical camps, support to leprosy colonies, homeopathic and dental clinics – are some of the areas where Delhi Kendra has provided support to the underprivileged with the aid of volunteers. In one of its recent initiatives, a charitable dental clinic has been set up at the Delhi Kendra to provide free dental check-up and treatment to the underprivileged.

We share with you here, news of more YSS charitable activities undertaken from time to time across NCR.

Charitable Activity at Govt. Girls Senior Sec. School, School Block, Shakar Pur 

Marking YSS Centenary celebrations, girl students from underprivileged backgrounds were provided with shoes and sweaters in Government Girls Senior Secondary School of the capital’s Shakarpur area as part of a charitable activity on December 23, 2017.

YSS Noida Ashram provided these girls with 50 pairs of black shoes and 51 sweaters to help keep them warm in the biting cold of Delhi winters. Belonging to extremely poor families, these children were unable to access these resources on their own as their parents were unable to purchase for them.

Around 60 girls were selected from among 1100 students – as they were not wearing proper woolens and had no shoes or broken footwear. Some girls were provided with both the articles while the others were given only shoes or sweaters.

Brahmachari Vinayanandaji gave away the articles to the selected students in the presence of two sewaks of the Noida Ashram, the school Principal and some senior teachers. Brahmachariji started the programme with a beautiful chanting of Veda-Mantrasfollowed by a brief address to the students about the importance of Yoga techniques, Yama-Niyama for the students and breathing exercises for enhancing concentration in studies. He also demonstrated the YSS breathing techniques and encouraged the students to practice these as well.

At the end of the programme, the Principal of the school, Ms. Rita Kathuria, presented a vote of thanks to YSS and their representatives for providing the needy students of her school with footwear and woolens. She expressed her gratitude to Brahamachariji on behalf of the school and students, and thanked him for sharing information about the YSS teachings as well.

Narayan Seva at an Old Age Women Home on January 5, 2018 

As part of the celebrations of Guruji's Janmotsav programme, the YSS Gurgaon Kendra donated dry ration worth ten thousand rupees to an old age home for women in Sector 4, Gurgaon which is run by St. Joseph’s service society and sisters of the destitute. About 28 old women live in this old age home.